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Have a Tattoo, Rash, or Dry Skin? The SunBuddy Lotion Applicator Has Your Back

The SunBuddy Lotion Applicator is not just for sunscreen. Use it to apply medication creams, body lotions, aloe vera, massage creams, soothing creams, tanning bed lotions, sunless tanners, tattoo creams, unwanted hair removal creams, and more. The SunBuddy’s removeable, replaceable, soft cosmetic pads are the most hygienic on the market. You can designate pads for certain lotions rather than use one pad for everything, as our competitors with fixed hard foam pads insist.

The compactness and discreteness of the SunBuddy Lotion Applicator make it the perfect bathroom accessory. Have a rash of your back that you cannot reach or is too embarrassing to ask your significant other or family member for help? Then use the SunBuddy Lotion Applicator to apply your medication cream.

Did you just get a new back piece tattoo and need help applying healing ointment to it every several hours? Then use the SunBuddy Lotion Applicator at your own convenience. Remember to thoroughly wash the pads after each use and to replace the pads as often to promote a quick healing process. Or maybe you just need help applying moisturizer to your back during the dry winter months. Whatever the situation is, SunBuddy has your back.

Be sure to always have extra SunBuddy replacement pads for all your needs. You can order a 3 pack replacement package here.