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Skin Cancer: A Year Round Concern

The Fall season is approaching, but that does not mean UV rays from the sun are less strong.  Don't be fooled by the cooler weather and 'weakened' sunlight - this is all a false sense of security.  The sun is still as strong as ever.

Considering this summer was the third hottest on record, and we need to continue to protect our skin and allow it to recover.  Some skin cancer spots begin as benign, but then develop into cancer after continued exposure to the sun.  Also, be sure to keep track of those innocent looking dark circular moles that may have been on your skin for years.  If you notice any change or growth, be sure to see your dermatologist. 

According to Dr. Kleine, "Skin cancer is increasing, perhaps due to the effects of our stronger sun and perhaps because of other environmental factors. It's important to protect your skin all year round."

Source: Sayville.Patch.com

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