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In The Know: Skin Types and Sun Exposure Risks

SunBuddy Lotion Applicator - Skin Types

Know your skin type to beeter protect it from the sun.  Match your skin to the color that best resembles your own.

  • Type 1: Always burns and is extremely sun sensitive
  • Type 2: Always burns easily, tans mimimally, and is very sun sensitive

  • In Summary: You are at the greatest risk of developing skin cancer.  Be aware of any changes to your skin (moles).

  • Type 3: Sometimes burns, tans to light brown, and is minimally sun sensitive

  • Type 4: Burns mimimally, tans to moderate brown, and is mimimally sun sensitive
  • Type 5: Rarely burns, tans well, and is not sun sensitive

  • In Summary:  Even though your skin can tan, it is still vulnerable to skin cancer.  

    Type 6: Never burns, deeply pigmented, and is not sun sensitive 

  • In Summary: Your skin offers more protection against UV radiation than the other skin types. Skin cancer is relatively rare. Be most protective of your eyes by wearing sunglasses or a hat.