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SunBuddy Lotion Applicator - Daylight Saving Time

It's that time of the year again! Daylight Saving Time (DST) starts this Sunday, March 10, 2013, at 2AM. Although we will lose one hour of sleep, we will gain one hour of daylight.

Here are 5 interesting facts:

  1. Officially, it is “daylight saving time” and not “daylight savings time.” Far more people Google the incorrect phrase than the correct one.
  2. A time shift of even just an hour can affect your body. This transition can disturb your sleeping pattern and may take your body several days to adjust.
  3. Researchers have found that DST reduces lethal car crashes and pedestrian strikes.
  4. Daylight Saving Time was first introduced during World War I as a means to conserve fuel. Many experts today disagree that DST still saves energy. But it is an American tradition that may be difficult to end.
  5. Two states, Arizona and Hawaii, and 4 U.S. territories do not observe DST.
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